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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TOP Recommended accessories for your Android(Droid) phone, Iphone

Top Accessories:
For droid x top Please go to droid x top accessory  link.  For droid incredible go to droid incredible accessory link.

a) Buy any good Screen protector
Avoid anti -glare ones and retun back any screen protector which makes it tough to see the screen.
b)   TV out cable (eg Av cable or hdmi cable appropriate for your phone)
c) Optional - Buy either car charger or if you are sick of so buying so many car chargers
then you can try buying "dc to ac car charger - and then directly use your USB/ac cable to charge it in the car.(Warning: If you buy dc to ac charger - then it will have very loud fan noise - or may not be durable  But to me  for charging at least the laptop(unlike phone) - i did not have any choice)
d) Optionally extra battery (most battery including bundled one - may last only a year)
e) Buy any phone cover/case like - Silicone gel  cover or professional rubber hard case cover to protect
your droid from minor scratches. (The silicone gel ones are easier to hold . The hard cover ones is likely to protect better - but it may itself break down on falling- ulike silicon gel ones)
Phones like droid incredible (or droid x) -LCD - can break easily, as the LCD glass is at level with the edges.  However buying protective cover may raise the height of edges - and thereby giving slightly more protection when it falls.
e) Optional - Micro SD : If you are going to use lots of HD space(due to apps or camcorder) - then you would need to buy MicroSDHC card.(Check if your phone has slot for micro sd - and in most case they must have already bundled this card).
f) Must -(only if you have Aux input in your cars mp3 player to listen to pandora) -
Male to Male stereo cable.(buy any top rated ones - check length/feet size)
g) Optional/Must - To charge your phone via your cars USB output (or computer) - Micro USB to USB Sync & Charge USB Cable. (NOTE: this cable comes bundled with most phones-  as a part of your main charger - but an extra one for your cars mp3 player/computer may be good to have   )
h) Optional - car charger (instead of USB charger - if you dont have USB output in your car).
i) Optional - Car mount
j) Optional - External portable charger
eg New Trent ultra-pack IMP880 8900mAh External Battery pack for 3G iPad, iPhone 4 4G, iPhone 3G 3GS, iPod Touch (1G 2G 3G), Motorola Droid , HTC Android Phones, Blackberry (curve, bold, tour, storm) - 8900mAh
or laptop charger with USB port for charing mobile phones
Energizer XP18000 Rechargeable Power Pack for Laptops
(Warning : most of the portable charger may take too much time to charge or get hot or may not last long )
k) You can use pocket projector  - if your phone has AV output
eg Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector  (warning : most pocket projector require complete darkness)

l) Optional - If you car does not have usb output and "aux input" then
you may consider "fm trasmittor plus usb output device" like :
Griffin Itrip Auto Universal Plus Refresh FM transmitter and PowerJolt Auto Charging for Portable Audio Players
(You may note that most fm transmittor are hard to work in car - as
the antenna is outside and windows are closed. Also the USB output charging
rate may be lower then discharge rate - and hence the battery may slowly
decline if the phone is heavily used at same time)
(Check reviews before buying any stuff)


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